14 svar på ”Homework number one”

  1. I have eleven cousines.
    I have two cats.
    Do you want three bananas?
    I would like to buy fiftyfive large teddy bears, plz.
    Help help one thousand nine hundred fifty five big big daddies!

  2. I have three dogs called Halloumi, Olive and Coffee.
    My favourite number are five, I don’t know why ?
    I have two chickens called Lo and Charlie.
    I have one sister and her name it’s Freja.
    I have ten stones called Sten, Sten, Sten, Sten, Sten, Sten, Sten, Sten and Stan. : )

  3. We have two cats named Pluttis and Boogieman (not actually a boogieman).
    I would like to have twenty quadrillion pounds of platinum.
    I have a twelve year old sister.
    I am nine years old (soon I’ll be ten).
    My mom got a drivers licence the day she got eighteen years old.

  4. I have two Brothers.
    We are twenty players in our football team.
    Yesterday I saw one squirrel.
    In four days I will start playing saxophone.
    My brother Elias is thirteen years old.

  5. I have ten dogs and twenty cats.
    I have five fotbolls home.
    I have one sister in my family.
    I would like to have seven kilos of dimond.
    In four days i am going to eat pizza.

  6. I has two cats.
    In four days wee vas in Cyprus.
    I would like to has five sausages?
    Do you want seven potatoes?
    In the birthdaypresent i want ten donkeys.

  7. I have four dogs named Per, Peter, Anders, Isak.
    I would like to have twenty pizzas.
    In ten days I will go to Örnsköldsvik!
    At Christmas, I want to have NHL eightteen.
    Do you have fifteen cats?


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