Homework number two

I have a yellow snowman in my garden.
Would you like to have some red paint in your face?
My wedding ring is made of gold but looks like silver.
Tomorrow I will paint my house purple.
If I’m lucky I will get a discount on my favourite colour.

16 svar på ”Homework number two”

  1. 1. My favorite colors are white, black and grey.
    2. My dads car is dark blue.
    3. Do you like the color purple?
    4. My new bike is white.
    5. I have one pink slime and one orange slime.

  2. My favourite coulor is green and blue.
    A rainbow has many coulors.
    Our table is brown.
    The chair i am sitting on is white.
    Our house is gray.

  3. My favourite colour is blue.
    My hair is brown.
    Our house is grey and white.
    I have a red, blue and white carpet.
    I have a green and white desk.

  4. When I ask people what eyecolor I have, the most people answers grey, but others says blue.
    My favorite colour is blue, black and white, mostly becouse black and white are not really colours.
    My dog (I was talking of him a time ago) Brio was an Golden Retriever and was more white than dark yellow.
    My user picture is an red devil that haves crab claws.
    Do you think it would be great with a grey car?

  5. I have a pink sheep
    My favorite color is green and purple
    My budgies are white, blue, black, yellow
    I would like a dark shade of grey in my room
    I had two grey gerbils but they died =(

  6. I have an orange carrot.
    Do you have a blue car?
    I have a black shirt.
    Can you see a yellow paint on the wall?
    I have a brown dog.
    Our car is silver colored.

  7. My shoes are black and brown.
    I love the red gummy bears.
    The sky is blue and white.
    My socks are purple and pink.
    I love the colour blue and green.

  8. 1. My mom like red roses.
    2. My favorite color is white.
    3. My father’s job has blue and yellow colors on the signs.
    4. My mom’s car is silver.
    5. Can I have a pink lollipop?

  9. I have a red flower in my garden.
    I not dont like Brown coulor.
    I have red and black jumper.
    Hjalmar is red and blue.
    I like black and my trousers is black.

  10. I have a green pig.
    The colour of my saxophone is gold.
    My favourite colour is blue.
    Usually the sun is yellow and the sky is blue.
    Aour toyota is black.

  11. My dad like the blue colour.
    My moms homelands flag is red and green.
    In the winter everything i see outside is white
    Everybody had white hat,red shirt,blue shoes and black jeans at school party.
    My favorite colour is silver,blue,black and red.

  12. My favorite color is black.
    Is your favorite color blue?
    I have a hat that is red.
    My house is white.
    Tomorrow I will play football with my purple football

  13. I want the game Paper Mario Colour Splash.
    Our house is red and blue.
    Google’s logo is blue, red, yellow and green.
    My favourite colour is black.
    Donald Trump’s hair is yellow.


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