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Homework number eleven

(Words week 16-17: animal, wolf, bear, fox, rabbit, elk, lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, bird, snake)

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Have you ever seen an elephant in the wild?

Sometimes, I wish I was a giraffe.

A few weeks ago, I saw 4 elks walking on a frozen lake.

I don´t like snakes.



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  1. Julia

    Do you have any animals at home? I have a dog and two guinea pigs.

    I have a monkey in my family, his name is Albin.

    Yesterday i saw a purple bear.

    What does a giraffe say?

    Which is your favorite between lion and wolf?

  2. oliver med stort O

    What did the wolf say when someone stepped on his foot? Aooooowwwww.
    What do you call a bear with no teeth? Gummy bear.
    What did Dracula say when he saw a giraffe for the first time? I’d like to get to gnaw you.
    What does the fox say, asked a dog
    -Nothing I shot him and skinned him and got him in my freezer, said a cat
    Snakes are like people they run away when someone screams, claps or when someone gives them homework.

  3. Oscar

    Yesterday I saw a big elk.

    I hate snakes.

    My mother likes elephants.

    He likes lions.

    I like animals.

  4. Emanuel

    Elephant is a big animal.
    A elk lives in the forest.
    A bear likes to eat blueberry.
    I heard a bird on my way to school.
    A fox can hunt a rabbit.

  5. Maja ;)

    Elk is the king of the forest.

    What does the fox say.

    I have no animal at home.

    My friend have a big rabbit.

    The wolf has big teeth.

  6. Liam

    My cat catch birds.

    Its nice to have a animal!

    This giraffe can play piano.

    My parents often say too me at I am a monkey.

    I have a friend som have a bird.

  7. Ella

    My favorite animal are Berner sennen dogs.

    Answer from Lena’s question: Yes, I’m afraid of the big bad wolf. : /

    On Utopia there is a store called Monkey, where I bought pens because there are only pencils that are 1 cm tall at school.

    I love watching people on YouTube who are friends / family with bears. =)

    In winter 2019 we will probably go safari, then maybe we see live giraffes and other wildlife = )

  8. Tintin

    are you afraid of the big bad wolf Lena?
    I want to see an elephant.
    I like elks, mostly to eat them with potatoes and gravy but not lingonberry jam.
    My mum is afraid of snakes.
    A monkey rides on a donkey named Donkey Kong in my house.

  9. Alma! The queen

    I have no animals at home.

    I like monkeys, my sister looks like a monkey!:)

    My dad has shot many elks.

    My grandfather has a wolf. Or is it a dog?

    -I see a bird in the sky, I say.

  10. 1. I have no animals at home.

    2. I do not want to be in the woods and see a wolf.

    3. I have never seen a giraffe with my own eyes.

    4. Rabbits are fast.

    5. There are many different birds in the world.

  11. Tyra

    Elk is a big animal.
    An elephant is bigger then an elk.
    I like one bird, called Talgoxe.
    I will have a one rabbit.
    Wolf and fox are similiar animals.

  12. 🤮😬SIGNE😬🤮

    What does the rabbit say? RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT!

    Beer, its nice too drink …………….and………..eat…………bears can’t be nice!

    I have two wild animals. Yes. They think they are fishes.

    My friend is a bird. He has an accont on Twitter. So TWEET TWEET TO U.

    I dont like snakes. They are not smart and they are really bad.

  13. Ellen Bäckström :-)

    I don’t like snakes.

    I think lions are cool.

    Rabbits are very cute.

    Birds can fly high up in the sky.

    I think monkeys are cool.

    Giraffes have long necks.

    Elephants have big ears.

    Elks often lives in forests.

    Foxes are red and orange.

    Wolfs likes the moon.

    Albin is my brother and he don’t like bears.

    I like animals very much.

  14. BEK FAST

    Does a wolf eat BEKFAST (breakfast).

    A snake sounds like sssssssssssssssss

    You can eat many animals.

    I have seen a elephant in the wild

    I have never seen a bear as flying around on a cloud.

  15. Vendela:)

    In some forests there are bears.

    I had rabbits when i was little.

    – Have you an animal?

    My littlesister likes birds.

    Giraffes has a long neck.

  16. alvelt

    My favourite wild animal is lion.
    I have had a rabbit like my pet.
    Giraffe is the tallest animal in the World.
    I don’t like snakes.
    Elephant is a big animal.

  17. The fox says Jesper wrote this comment!

    Humans are the most dangerous animal on planet Earth.

    What does the fox say?

    Polar bears are the only known animals that likes to eat human (except cannibals).

    Elk sounds like some kind of branch.

    Do frogs call for rabbits when they say ”ribbit”?


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