Homework number thirteen

(live, country, city, house, apartment, room, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, garden, garage)
I live in the country Sweden.
In 1996 my husband and I bought a house in Umeå.
Before I bought the house I lived in an apartment.
My first apartment had no kitchen – only a kitchenette.
I really like to be in my garden, especially in the spring when the days get warmer.

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  1. My little brother has a snowman in his bedroom.
    I like my house.
    In my room i often play The sims 4.
    I live in Sweden.
    I have two bathrooms at home .

  2. My family is going to Thailand with Vendela and her family.
    At my home we have two bathrooms and four soon five bedrooms.
    I don´t like my kitchen, it´s not my style.
    I like to plant in our garden i think it´s funny.
    I don´t live in a city I live in a village.

  3. I live in the country Sweden.
    I dont have the biggest room in my house.
    We have a big knife in the kitchen.
    In the garden we have a two large trees.
    I sleep in my bedroom.

  4. Would it really be worth buying a house? I mean. say a time that you will take it with you…
    How many rooms does an apartment have?
    The apartment IS a room!
    Why do you spell garage the same way in so many countries? Like (the most obvious one) in the Great Britain and America, Sweden, France, Austrailia, Norway and Spain.
    Wait… Spain spell it garaje…
    What is the meaning of Life? Why do we live here? Why isn’t the earth…
    Woah there! I know exactly what you are going to ask. And you ALREADY KNOW that the earth isn’t flat. Because it’s a polygon.
    That explains why the humans uses poles that are gone
    I remember those times when i were young. I thought country was another word for city… : I
    Our garden doesn’t really fit in. It fits supergood!

  5. A really famous music style is country music.
    My grandfather had the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the New York City zoo.
    Why did the pig go into the kitchen? He felt like bacon.
    What does a house wear? A dress.
    Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl use the bathroom? because the ”P” is silent

  6. We have a big garage at home.
    I want a big and beautiful garden.
    I have a monkey in my bedroom.
    My brother lives in a fantastic apartment in Stockholm.
    Do you have a new kitchen at home?

  7. 1.Me and my sister sleeps in the same bedroom.
    2.It’s pretty weird that we do not have our cars in the garage.
    3.Our livingroom is bigger then our kitchen.
    4.My mothers brother is living in a apartment.
    5.My brother loves to play in our garden.

  8. I live in the country Sweden.
    My livingroom i very big.
    My sister has an apartment and a kitchen.
    I have a TV in my bedroom.
    I like the bathroom in my house because it is white on the floor and the walls

  9. I have a TV in my livingroom.
    I like to live in the contery Sweden.
    I live in the City Umeå.
    My family have a aprtment in Hemavan.
    In my room I have a computer and a TV.

  10. The city umeå is very small compared to other cities in Usa.
    It is very difficult to find an apartment in Umeå.
    It is nice to have a room to oneself because i can have a calm moment for myself.
    I like to be in the livingroom togather with my family in fridays evening, eating cup caces and watching tv.
    Now when the spring is here, we must clean the garage and the garden .
    When you go to the bathroom, it takes five minutes, but when you take your cell phone with you, it takes fiftyfive minutes.
    My mom don`t like when i go in to the kitchen when she cooking food, because i taste the food with my fingers.

  11. In my bedroom I have a big bed.
    I live in the country Sweden.
    We grow carrots in our garden.
    In my garage I have my tractor.
    I have a very big Kitchen.

  12. I have done a bedroom makeover.
    I have never lived in an apartment.
    I live in Ersmark.
    My family has a garage.
    Our family has a kitchen.

  13. In our garage we keep all our skis.
    We have a big TV in the living room.
    The biggest city I have been to is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
    I have lived in a house in Ersmark all my live.
    Sometimes I help my parents in the garden.
    In the summer it gets very hot in my bedroom.

  14. On my cap there is a small text where it says * New York City*
    In my garage is Daddy’s blue car and all his tools.
    In my room I usually do my homework.
    My house is yellow, we also have a playhouse.
    We have a mini garden where we grow rhubarb!

  15. My grandparents live in an apartment near the river.
    We have strawberry plants in the garden.
    Stockholm is the biggest city in Sweden.
    I live in a country called Sweden.
    Our house has two livingrooms.

  16. I live in a city.
    The country I live is called Sweden.
    Me and my sister share a room.
    In our house we have two bathrooms and four bedrooms.
    In our kitchen we have a stove and oven.

  17. I have a big blue bike in my garden. Don’t ask me why… It isn’t for Gopal’s birthday. -___-
    Me and Lena live in the country Sweden. And many others as well. O_______O
    When I become older I’m gonna buy a kitchen…. or a house with a kitchen. ;3
    In my bathroom there is a crocodile. But the crocodile is made of soap and it is small. 0.0
    Is it a house or an apartment? That is the question. ? __ ?
    If you live in a city you don’t live in a village, if you didin’t know that. 😉
    I hope I will have a garage with a bulldozer in it, that would be cool. :3
    Where do you live? 🙂

  18. My bedroom is so cozy.
    I live in a house.
    In our livingroom we have a big tv.
    In the spring we rake the garden.
    If I was able to go too any country, I prefer to go to Mallorca.

  19. I don`t live in a city I live in a village.
    My family lives in a house not an apartment.
    We have a really big garage on our ground.
    Our kitchen is not big it`s quite small.
    My home country is Sweden.

  20. I live in the city Umeå.
    My mom and dad have the biggest room in our house.
    Winter 2019 my family will travel to the country Tanzania.
    We have two livingroom’s in our house.
    We have also two bathroom.

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