Homework numer nine

I usually play Counter Strike every other weekend. My ranking is top five by the way 🙂
I would love to be able to sleep more often. Kids can really affect sleeping…..
I encourage you all to make healthy drinks with different vegetables and drink them every day.
We should all try to smile more often.
Do you feel full or would you like to eat now?

Homework number eight

Can I have a pair of trousers please?
I love my new slim fit jeans!
I need to buy a super warm jacket now when it’s – 40 degrees celcius.
A belt is supposed to keep your pants up, but my belt seems to do the opposite 🙁
My new cap is awesome! Especially now when it’s so sunny.

Homework numer seven

I try to eat vegetables every day. It’s very important to get vitamins and minerals.
Asian meatballs with fish sause and lemongrass is delicious!
Currywurst (a sausage) is classic German streetfood.
Yesterday I had Peking duck for lunch.
Chicken contains alot of protein.

Home work number five

It is good to have a strong body!
Wear a helmet when you ride your bike to protect your head!
Do not put your mouth against a street lamp during the winter… or the summer for that matter.
I have a sore leg.
If I eat too much I can get stomachache.