Det är olikheterna som vi lär oss av!


Kontrollera om din engelska mening är ok!

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  1. There is seven days in one week.
    I have floorball training on sunday.
    I like to watch TV in the evening.
    I like to eat candy on saturday.
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are working days.

  2. Alfons

    I have a black tv in my room.
    I ate a yellow banana.
    I have a orange T-shirt.
    I want grey socks.
    I like to eat pizza.

  3. Signe

    We have a blue cat.
    Have you a little yellow gummibear?
    You are red , yellow, brown, pink and blue in your face!
    My favorite color is blue.
    I will have a green bananas.

  4. Alvin

    I have five Black fotbolls.
    I have one red house.
    I have two green cars.
    I have one white bed.
    I have zero pink doors.

  5. Alvin

    I have five black fotbolls.
    I have One red house.
    I have two green vars.
    I have One white bed.
    I have one pink Door.

  6. Ellen

    My favourite colors is blue, green and pink.
    That ballon is orange.
    My sister Thea likes yellow.
    Dad owns a purple t-shirt.
    Oh no! Im grey and black on my face.

  7. oscar

    I have a black dog
    I like green iscrem
    I don’t like yellow snow
    I like blue cars
    I don’t like red cars
    He has an orange jacktet
    she has a white boll

  8. Disa

    I have a yellow banana!
    Do you have a white computer?
    My favorite color is blue!
    I like red apples!
    My telephone is black!

  9. Alma

    My family has a black tv.
    My favorite cololor is pink.
    Do you like purple.
    I have eight brown bananas.
    Do you have a little sister?

  10. Julia

    My favorite color is green.
    My little brother has a red moose.
    My family has a black tv.
    My little sister loves pink.
    My jacket is purple.

  11. Lucia

    we have two bananas.

    im nine years old.

    i have thirteen shoes.

    i will sleep eight hours.

    i want to eat five sandwiches.

  12. Lucia

    vi har gjort läxan!


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