Det är olikheterna som vi lär oss av!


Här kan du träna på glosor som du har i läxa!

Se filmen som visar hur du kan träna på glosorna du har i läxa!

Hur du gör dina läxmeningar på bloggen!


Här hittar du svårare glosor (2.0).

Homework number one

Homework number two

Homework number three

Homework number four

Homework number five

Homework number six

Homework number seven

Homework number eight

Homework number nine

Homework number ten

24 kommentarer

  1. Alfons

    My mom walks with Edvin´s moms in the evening.

  2. Alfons

    I can play fortnite on my Xbox
    I can run very fast.
    You must slep 8 houers
    I cant sing so good.
    My momwalk with Edvins mom tonight.ss

    • 🐬🐚🌹🌷🦄🔥🦋Alicia🦋🔥🦄🌷🌹🐚🐬

      I will have a dog!

      My favourite interest is floorboll!🙂

      I like to read in the evening.

      I can sing very god.

      Sport is so fun!

  3. Maja

    My mother is reading four me every night.
    My best friend is a girl.
    My cousin´s name is Joel.
    I dont have an aunt.
    My father and mother loves me.

    • 🐬🐚🌹🌷🦄🔥🦋Alicia🦋🔥🦄🌷🌹🐚🐬

      •I can play floorball every day.

      •You can sing so beautiful!👌🏼

      •Sit down please Janet!

      •Can you smile for me?😁

      • Zoe can talk to me, and it’s so cool/she is a dog!💎💎

  4. Ella

    My mother does a makeup every morning meanwhile she drink coffee.
    One time my sister eat rice to breakfast with soja.
    My father is a police officer and now he teach police students.
    My uncle have a golden retiever hes name it’s Malte.
    My cousins live in a green house and their names are My and Tekla.

  5. Nora

    OBS! Glömde fråketecknet på frågan

  6. Nora

    My favorite day is Friday.
    I have floorball training Tuesday and Thursday.
    I sleep every night in my room.
    Can you read for me every morning.
    You are my best freind every day.

  7. Meja

    A week has seven days.
    I sleep in my bed every night.
    Every morning i eat breakfast.
    On tuesday i have floorballtraining.
    On thursday i have the scouts.

  8. Lucia

    To day its Friday and we gonna see idol on TV.
    On Saturday me and my family will see a basketgame live.
    On Wensday and Friday we have workout.
    To day I will eat a banana .
    To night I will sleep in my bed.

  9. Alicia

    1. Tomorrow I want to be with a friend.
    2. Thursday is my favorite day.
    3. This evening I will watch movies.
    4. In the afternoon I will go to grandmother and grandfather.
    5. Every week I get money.

  10. Lilly

    I have training on Monday.

    On tuesday we have homework hour.

    On friday i will go to the cottage.

    On wednesday i have sports.

    In three weeks i fill years.

  11. Emma

    I want a green t-shirt with a hedgehog on

    My favorite colours are blue, black, white and grey.

    Whats is your favorite colour?

    My teddy bear is brown and white.

    I like red roses, they smell good.

  12. Lucia

    I have two yellow bananas.

    My bike is blue.

    Do you have a green balloon?

    Do you have a grey pillow?

    I live in a red house.

    My favorite colour is purple.

    I have a purple flower in my window.

    The gorilla is black.

  13. Nora

    I am nine yers old.
    My big sister are thirteen years old.
    I have one dog, she is a puppy.
    My birthday is in two weeks.
    My favorite number is seven

  14. Ellen

    I play football two days a week.
    The clock is twelve right now.
    I have number sixteen on my football shirt.
    I have eight different apps on my phone.
    I own ten rabbits and one cow.

  15. oscar

    I am ten years old.
    My name is Oscar.
    I have a dog.
    I have three footballs.
    My dad has one sister.
    My dog has four legs.
    I like english.

  16. Liv

    I am nine years old.
    I have one big sister.
    I have two fidget spinner.
    My little brother is two years old.
    I have nine cookies.
    And three drinks.

  17. Edvin

    I had one dog that died in my three years old.
    My computer is 2 years old.
    We had two blue cars and one red car, and we sold one of the blue one.
    If I had three hens, my family would eat egg very much.
    Do you think Ella’s (My sisters) friend have two puppies, or one?

  18. Emma

    My sister is twelve years old.
    I want to buy two dogs.
    I have seven candy papers in my pocket.
    It costs eleven coins to buy two packages of gum
    I am ten years old.

  19. Julia

    My little sister is eight years old.
    I have a aunt and three uncles.
    My cousins have two dogs.
    I have at least twenty pens at home.
    My grandmother´s mother gave us five cookies.

  20. Tintin

    I am ten years old
    I have one football
    I have one little sister
    I have two eyes
    I have one mouth

  21. Maja

    I am ten years old.
    I have one little sister.
    I have four cousins.
    My mom have two legs.
    My little sister is seven years old.

  22. Vendela

    I am ten yers old.
    Bearnie have twenty apple.
    My bigsister is eighteen years old.
    My mom has two bigbrothers.
    On my next birthday i will have eleven lights in my cake.


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