Det är olikheterna som vi lär oss av!


Här kan du träna på glosor som du har i läxa!

Se filmen som visar hur du kan träna på glosorna du har i läxa!

Hur du gör dina läxmeningar på bloggen!


Homework number one

Homework number two

Homework number three

Homework number four

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  1. Nora

    My favorite day is Friday.
    I have floorball training Tuesday and Thursday.
    I sleep every night in my room.
    Can you read for me every morning.
    You are my best freind every day.

  2. Meja

    A week has seven days.
    I sleep in my bed every night.
    Every morning i eat breakfast.
    On tuesday i have floorballtraining.
    On thursday i have the scouts.

  3. Lucia

    To day its Friday and we gonna see idol on TV.
    On Saturday me and my family will see a basketgame live.
    On Wensday and Friday we have workout.
    To day I will eat a banana .
    To night I will sleep in my bed.

  4. Alicia

    1. Tomorrow I want to be with a friend.
    2. Thursday is my favorite day.
    3. This evening I will watch movies.
    4. In the afternoon I will go to grandmother and grandfather.
    5. Every week I get money.

  5. Lilly

    I have training on Monday.

    On tuesday we have homework hour.

    On friday i will go to the cottage.

    On wednesday i have sports.

    In three weeks i fill years.

  6. Emma

    I want a green t-shirt with a hedgehog on

    My favorite colours are blue, black, white and grey.

    Whats is your favorite colour?

    My teddy bear is brown and white.

    I like red roses, they smell good.

  7. Lucia

    I have two yellow bananas.

    My bike is blue.

    Do you have a green balloon?

    Do you have a grey pillow?

    I live in a red house.

    My favorite colour is purple.

    I have a purple flower in my window.

    The gorilla is black.

  8. Nora

    I am nine yers old.
    My big sister are thirteen years old.
    I have one dog, she is a puppy.
    My birthday is in two weeks.
    My favorite number is seven

  9. Ellen

    I play football two days a week.
    The clock is twelve right now.
    I have number sixteen on my football shirt.
    I have eight different apps on my phone.
    I own ten rabbits and one cow.

  10. oscar

    I am ten years old.
    My name is Oscar.
    I have a dog.
    I have three footballs.
    My dad has one sister.
    My dog has four legs.
    I like english.

  11. Liv

    I am nine years old.
    I have one big sister.
    I have two fidget spinner.
    My little brother is two years old.
    I have nine cookies.
    And three drinks.

  12. Edvin

    I had one dog that died in my three years old.
    My computer is 2 years old.
    We had two blue cars and one red car, and we sold one of the blue one.
    If I had three hens, my family would eat egg very much.
    Do you think Ella’s (My sisters) friend have two puppies, or one?

  13. Emma

    My sister is twelve years old.
    I want to buy two dogs.
    I have seven candy papers in my pocket.
    It costs eleven coins to buy two packages of gum
    I am ten years old.

  14. Julia

    My little sister is eight years old.
    I have a aunt and three uncles.
    My cousins have two dogs.
    I have at least twenty pens at home.
    My grandmother´s mother gave us five cookies.

  15. Tintin

    I am ten years old
    I have one football
    I have one little sister
    I have two eyes
    I have one mouth

  16. Maja

    I am ten years old.
    I have one little sister.
    I have four cousins.
    My mom have two legs.
    My little sister is seven years old.

  17. Vendela

    I am ten yers old.
    Bearnie have twenty apple.
    My bigsister is eighteen years old.
    My mom has two bigbrothers.
    On my next birthday i will have eleven lights in my cake.


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