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  1. One week have seven days. On Saturday mornings at nine o´clock I have soccer training. On Wednesdays we eat fish at school. On Thursdays I have hockey practice. It begins with physical training and then we change to hockey gear and enter the ice.

  2. One week have seven days.
    Next monday are we going to Thailand.
    Every tuesday i play floorball.
    My favorite day is saturday.
    Every morning i eat breakfast.

  3. I think monday is the worst day of the week.
    In the summer I practise trial on tuesdays.
    On our autumn holiday we are going to the mountins.
    Every day I eat food
    On saturday I’m going to climb in a tree.

  4. On sunday I`m gonna go to a football match.
    tommorow it`s friday the 13:th.
    I barely sleep at night.
    In two weeks I`m going to Egypt.
    In three weeks I`m going to Madagascar.

  5. On Thursday i have guitar lesson.
    Saturday is my favorite day.
    I don’t like Monday.
    Yes, its Tuesday and now we are going too have woodwork.
    On the morning I eat breakfast.

  6. Today it’s Friday the 13:th, when your worst nightmares come true.
    In Snapchat you can make an emoji that shows the actual day.
    My mom is going to Finland on Sunday.
    Don’t you think Mondays annoying? I mean you had two days free from the school.
    3:00 AM at night, it is the devils hour.

  7. On sunday I like to sleep a little longer.
    Every morning I like to drink hot chocolate.
    On tuesday I will ride on a unicorn.
    Next friday is a spooky one.
    I like saturday. On saturday I sleep longer and eat candy!

  8. Tuesday l play floorbboll and l skiing.
    Every day l go to school.
    Next week is my bhirthday.
    Tomrow is Thursday. I go to school.
    Now is evning and i go to bed.

  9. I have ski training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Do you ride on Wednesdays?
    I have breakfast in the morning. I eat a sandwich and porridge.
    Me and my family went to Navet last Sunday.
    The are seven days in one week.

  10. Im always tired on it mondays.
    I like tuesday for then its club fun.
    I love thursday because then i have Ju-jutsu.
    And I love friday for then its weekend late.
    most kids want saturday sweets on saturday not me.

  11. If you go out in the morning you can see the sunrise.
    Santa comes at christmas evening.
    I have swimming lessons on Saturday and on Monday.
    I’m doing this piece of homework at Tuesday evening.
    This friday will be friday the 13’th, Watch out…

  12. Monday is not my favorite day.
    I love Tuesdays because we have woodwork.
    In school we eat fish almost every Wednesday.
    On Thursday we have computer day.
    I love Friday because it is the day before weekend.

  13. Every Sunday my family goes to my grandmother and eats dinner.
    On Fridays, I usually eat snacks.
    I eate sweets on Saturdays in my living room.
    I sleep about ten hours a night.
    Almost every morning I´m happy but sometimes I´m tired.

  14. Every monday my family has a familymeeteng.
    On wednesday i have dans.
    If one week and five days i will go to piteå.
    I would like to have candy!
    On every evening i read in the book.

  15. On Thursday I will play FIFA 18 whit my dad.
    On Friday we will eat sausage with french fries.
    Every Tuesday evening I play floorball whit Umeå City.
    In the morning I always eat breakfast.
    Do you practice football on Wednesdays?

  16. 1.I like Saturdays.
    2.Do you like Monday or Wednesday the most?
    3.What day is it tomorrow?
    4.Yesterday it was Sunday.
    5.Yesterday I drove my car!

  17. Every Monday and Wednesday I play football.
    I like to dans every morning.
    Every night I am sleeping.
    On Monday I will sing.
    This friday we will go to the mountens.

  18. Next monday i will fly to dubai.
    Next friday i will have 200 dogs.
    I will have one red door next tuesday.
    I will have two green beds next saturday.
    I will sleep on monday.

  19. Every day a drinck coold water.
    On saturday and sanday i can eat candy.
    yesterday we eat hamburgen.
    Every tuesday we has wodwork.
    Tomorrow i goes to eat fruit.

  20. Next friday i will fly to oslo.
    Next monday i will have 3000 pigs.
    I will play soccer next thursday.
    I will play florball next monday.
    I like fridays very very mutch.

  21. On sunday I hav cheerleading.
    On wednsday I will look at my phone.
    My favorite day it’s saturday because then I eat candy.
    On friday im going to Hemavan whit Maja.
    I do sleep every night.

  22. On Thursdays I play the saxophone at the music school.
    Last Sunday I bought futsal shoes.
    I eat candy every Saturday.
    My dad eat porridge every morning.
    Some animals stay up all night long.

  23. När jag gjorde läxan fanns inte denhär sidan så därför gjorde jag läxan på huvudsidan.
    ( Alla fråga varför min inte var här. )

  24. On Monday my family usually eat sausage.
    On Thursday I will play NHL one my TV.
    On every morning I like to drink tea.
    Next Saturday I will eat candy!
    Every night I sleap.

  25. Every Monday evening I play badminton.
    In three weeks I will go to Stockholm.
    In the morning I go to school.
    Every day I go to bed.
    On Saturday and Sunday I like to sleep a little longer.

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