Homework number four

My mother and father mean alot to me!
My brother lives in Berlin, Germany.
I have always wanted a sister.
When I grew up I had my grandmother and grandfather on the same yard.
My two boys are named Tim and Theo.

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  1. My mother is 44 years old.
    I have ten cousins.
    We are four persons in my family and two cats.
    I have one little sister and two big sisters.
    I am a girl and my name is Vendela.

  2. In my family we are seven and soon eigth persons.
    My two cousins are comming to day.
    I am a girl.
    My brother are six years old.
    My father is a boy.

  3. My mother is 43 years old.
    I`m a girl and my name is Alma.
    My fathers job is a policeofficer and he is 38 years old.
    My and my sisters cousin is nine months old.
    My sisters names are Stina and Märta

  4. I have a cousin in Stöcke named Anton.
    I have a little brother.
    I can write a boy on a papper.
    I have a mother named Ingela.
    I can be angry on my brother.

  5. .1. Our uncle has five cars.
    .2 .This christmas my grandmother and grandfather will celebrate with us.
    .3. On friday will our cousins come to visit.
    .4. in two days we will go to grandmother and grandfather.
    .5. tomorrow my mother and father ar going to bye food

  6. HEJ ALLA BRA MENINGAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 1. My mom has a car.
    2. Me and my dad are going to a Halloween party.
    3. I am a nice girl.
    4. Today I’m going to my grandfather.
    5. Me and my brother are going to a water land.

  8. My mother like pizza.
    My sisters name it´s Ella.
    I have one cousin in stockolm.
    I play floorboll wiht my dad.
    My brother look on tv .

  9. My mother has a black jacket.
    My dad has a white car.
    My littlebrother often plays with cars.
    Filip is my big brothers name.
    i´m going to celebrate Christmas with my grandmother and grandfather.

  10. My grandmother lives in Korsträsk.
    My mother works at Halleluja.
    My grandfather hunts moose and birds.
    I like my father really much.
    I got four cousins.

  11. My brother like jam to pancakes.
    Does your sister have a skateboard?
    My mom has long blond hair.
    Do you have a grandmother or grandfather?
    I have four cousins.
    My family likes to travel.

  12. My sister isn’t that good at listening sometimes…
    A long time ago, I gave my grandfather and grandmother a homemade knife.
    A family most often consists of: a mom, a dad, and two kids.
    Uncle Tomy’s (Tomas is the real name) girlfriend is from the United States, New York.
    Kids often think scams are true.

  13. my mother name is Denice and my father Thomas.
    I have one little sister and one little brother and two big brothers.
    my little sister is seveven years old.
    my big brother is like is football.
    i have trhree cousin.

  14. My aunt comes from Holland and she can speak a little bit of Swedish.
    I am ten years old and my sister is seven years old.
    In my family we are four people and one cat named Hillfi.
    My uncle called ”Bus Eric” after many pranks.
    My mother and father like to drink coffe every day.

  15. I have a cusine in Göteborg he is named Sebastian.
    My uncle have a doghotel.
    Ludvig is my big brother I don’t have a sister.
    I am a little brother and I have a cat of my own.
    My grandmother is seventy years old.

  16. My cousin is like 36 inches tall.
    My mother is very sick.
    My uncle let my brother drive his car.
    My grandmother has a bird called Pipi.
    When I was going to my aunt then I heard an earthquake.

  17. 1. My family is weird.
    2. I can see one girl over there.
    3. I like too play football with my brother.
    4. There is my sister Thea.
    5. Oh no! My cousin is dead.

  18. I love to fool around with my uncle Jens.
    Joar is my little brother.
    Our family lives in a house.
    My mother like to read books for me.
    It is fun to wrestle with my father.

  19. 1 My father’s name is Olof.
    2 I have one sister whose name is Emelie.
    3 I have two cousins on my mother’s side.
    4 My uncle has zero children.
    5 My grandmother’s name is Eva-Britt.

  20. I like hodge podge.
    My parents are from Morocco.
    My mom likes to drink Zingo.
    My sister likes to read books.
    I love to play soccer.
    I like dogs because they are so cute.
    I like to shop in Avion shopping.
    My mom says i’am cute everyday.
    My dad likes the car Buggati.
    My dad have a Suzuki Liana.
    Lina its my big sister
    I play floorboll and fotboll.
    I like to swim in the Summer.
    I am ten years old.
    I like to eat apple.
    My name teachers are Lena,Tobbe,Mariannea and Ingela.
    My Brothers is 15 years old.
    My parents name is Nadia and Mostafa.
    My dad drinks coffee every day.
    My sister is 12 years old.
    Every morning i drink milk.

  21. My dad is called Daniel.
    I have a cousin in Södertälje called Olof.
    My grandmother is 65 years old.
    My brother is eight years old and his name is Erik.
    My uncle is called Robert.

  22. My father is eat mi candy.
    My cousin is at school now.
    My big sister is eleven years old.
    I am playing with my brother now.
    I have one big sister and one small brother.

  23. My mother does a makeup every morning meanwhile she drink coffee.
    One time my sister eat rice to breakfast with soja.
    My father is a police officer and now he teach police students.
    My uncle have a golden retiever hes name it’s Malte.
    My cousins live in a green house and their names are My and Tekla.

  24. My aunt is from Kandy in Sri Lanka and my mother is from Colombo in Sri Lanka.
    I have two sisters and one broder, their name´s are Doris, Emma and Albin.
    My father has three brother´s named Joel, Jocke and Jörgen.
    I like to be in my cousins cottage because it´s cozy.
    My dad works with excavators in the city.

  25. My mother is forty five years old.
    I have a mother, father and a one sister.
    I have a one cousin as are equal many years old.
    I’m a girl and my cousin is also girl.
    My mothers name is Linda and my father he is name Jonas.

  26. I’m a boy and my name is Jesper.
    My opinion of my sister is that she is the most annoying girl in the world.
    My grandfather is dead, but my grandfather is alive.
    Santa is called Father Christmas in some places.
    A normal roast about your mother goes yo mama.

  27. I have a cousin in Örebro called Theo.
    My aunts Helena and Linda are twins.
    We are five persons in my family.
    Elias is my big brother.
    My father are going to see my floorball match today.

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