Home work number five

It is good to have a strong body!
Wear a helmet when you ride your bike to protect your head!
Do not put your mouth against a street lamp during the winter… or the summer for that matter.
I have a sore leg.
If I eat too much I can get stomachache.

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  1. I’m almost never talking about the body. Oh no… I talked about it. : O
    It’s good to wear a helmet, even if you’re older than sixteen.
    I have small arms…
    …and head.
    My sister ms. Cow has four stomachs…
    My other sister (Note: I don’t know if ms. Pig is my sister or brother) ms. Pig has only one stomach.
    My mother has a tall throat.

  2. I have one head.
    I have a long foot.
    My nose is in the middle of my face.
    The stomach is in the middle of the body.
    A person can have just one leg.

  3. I have two eyes and they are blue.
    I have one nose.
    I’m listening whit my ears.
    I do Not eat whit my hands.
    I play soccer whit my legs.
    My body is freezing all the time.
    I’m sick of cheese.

  4. I am ear itated hahaha.
    My hand is swollen because i got bitten by a horse.
    My brothers feet are wonderful.
    My head is so big because i got a big brian.
    Horses has four big legs so they can run fast.

  5. I hit my head in anoter head! It hurted very much!
    I have a soreness in my leg.
    If i eat too little food, l get an ache in my stomach.
    I dropped a heavy stone on my foot.
    Kalle screamed so loudly that my one ear almost died.
    I have green eyes.

  6. My eyes are red like whites rabbit.
    I have two beige legs beneath my body.
    Do you have a black nose?
    I have five fingers on my left hand.
    I have long, blond hair on my head.

  7. I have a blue sock on my foot.
    I love to play football with my team.
    My stomach hurts when i eat to much pancakes.
    I can hurt my leg when i play football.
    I hate when i am home and i have pain in my legs.

  8. Somtimes I eat too much candy, then I get into my STOMACH.
    My little cousin Viggo has broken his ARM as he jumped from a swing.
    I was six yers old when I got my EARS pierced.
    My dad got a hammer in his HEAD when he was little.
    All in my family got brown EYES exept my dad becouse he has blue green EYES

  9. I play floorball with my legs and feet.
    My nose is blue.
    Where is my eye?
    Grandmother´s and Grandfather´s dog have an orange back.
    My mouth has got three teeth.
    It is nice to have a body.
    I have one stomach.

  10. I have broken my arm two times.
    My mom has a wound on her mouth.
    When I eat too much I get pain in my stomach.
    All in my family has blue eyes.
    I have size 37-38 on my right foot. I don’t know on my left foot.

  11. My eyes are brown and green.
    I use my whole body when I swim.
    You should listen with your ears when the teacher speaks.
    My littlebrohter says: daddy’s big stomach.
    Do you like to play ”whats in my mouth challenge”?

  12. 1. My eyes are blue and I like them.
    2. My body is long and cool.
    3. I can see a big hand over there.
    4. I can eat with my mouth.
    5. I have a neck and it is long.
    6. I have hair on my head.

  13. My eye is blue.
    When i was 7 years old I broke my leg.
    Every morning I have pain in my head.
    YesterdayI fell on my back Today on music i got pain in my ear.
    It hurts if you gets a strike on nose.
    If you don´t have a mouth you can´t not talk.
    Yesterday I broke my foot.
    My stomach hurts.
    I love my body
    Once I saw a man with only one hand

  14. I have two eyes, one nose and one mouth in my face.
    I got a pink thumbnail on my left hand.
    I want someone to scratch my back.
    My foot is smaller than my sister’s foot.
    I’m usually wear hat on my head.

  15. 1.I have a nose.
    2.My eyes are greybluegreen.
    3.How many legs do you have?
    4.My mother’s hair is brown.
    5.Do you have a long or a short neck?

  16. I have a green sock on my foot.
    My mother and father have a head, a neck and two hands.
    My arm is broken.
    Where is my nose?
    It is good to have a strong body.

  17. You can survive about one month on an empty stomach.
    Have you ever broke your leg?
    The smallest bone in the human body is located in the ear.
    Pennywise, the clown from ”It” has got an big head.
    Salt is important for your body, but only in small amounts.

  18. I use my foot when I walk.
    My hand can draw an elephant.
    I use my nose to smell on things.
    My back is agile.
    How do you taste with your mouth?

  19. My eyes are blue.
    My mother write with her left hand.
    I use my arms and legs when I swim.
    I have five toes on my foot.
    It is good to have a cap on your head when it is Winter

  20. I have one ear on my left side and one on my right side.
    Do you have pain in your back?
    Last vinter I crasch in a tree and hurt my head.
    Once a time I play icehockey and hurt my leg.
    I have a body.

  21. 1. I play soccer using my two legs left and right
    2. I use to eat cummin when i have pain in my stomach.
    3. I use often my hands to eat some food.
    4. It is important to litsen with both ears.
    5. after a long working day the body need to rest.

  22. I juse my hand wen I write.
    If I eat to mutch candy I gonna get pain my stomach.
    If I hurt my leg I can not juse my bike cykel.
    Wen I wisitete my frend Emelina I herd with my ear one woodpecker on hers house. -true!
    I take care of my body because Isleep, work ute and eat good.

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