homework number six

It is good to eat fruit everyday!
The word banana is a funny word.
I like beverages that taste pineapple.
Cherry is something you can eat but it can also be a name.
Lemons make me grimace.

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  1. I love watermelon.
    My orange is orange.
    I usually bring a fruit to school.
    My little brother likes apples.
    My big brother likes pear.

  2. My favorite fruit is banana and watermelon.
    I am allergic to pineapple.
    We have two apple trees on our plot.
    My little sister Emmas favorite fruit is peach.
    I can almost eat a lemon without making a face.
    My little brother Albin loves pear.

  3. I like apple but I like orenge more.
    Watermelon is the best in my life.
    I dont like pineapple because I get pain on my tongue.
    Can you eat one fruit on one minute?
    Lemon is very sour but I like lemon still.

  4. I’m eating a banana right now!
    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob squarepants.
    Watermelons are the most OP fruit in the world beacuse you can do a pumpkin face on it.
    Pears are almost like big ballon and im talking about a big ballon thats like three galoons of water in them.
    Once when I walked to the TV I realized that I was holding a peach.

  5. I love pineapple and cherry.
    I eat one apple every day .
    My mother has a cherry tree.
    I don’t like bananas but i like Peaches .
    Do you have one million grapes?

  6. I have no favourite fruit because I love all fruits.
    Apples can only be yellow, green or red.
    We only eat watermelon in the summer.
    Lemon is very sour.
    If you take small pieces of apple, orange, pear, plum, banana and grape you have a fruit sallad.

  7. I love watermelon so much!
    I have green and red appels at home.
    Yesterday I ate very much fruit.
    I have an orange orange in my backpack.
    What do you think a grape is?

  8. 1.I like fruit.
    2.I like red apples more than green apples.
    3.I have orange oranges in my home.
    4.My mother has one banana.
    5.My bigbrother is allergic to cherries.

  9. I like to eat watermelon in the summer.
    I have a cherry tree in my garden.
    My mother like grapes.
    Home at us we have one pineapple.
    I like to eat fruit.

  10. I love orange orange.
    Apple is a fruit.
    Bananas is very good.
    My sister she like grape.
    I dont now how plom taste.
    I think the pear is Purple.

  11. I like to eat fruit salad with grapes, banana and orange.
    We have an apple tree with many apples on.
    My favorite pie is pineapplepie.
    Do you like peach?
    I can’t eat pears because I’m allergic.

  12. Pineapple is my favorite fruit.
    I have three peaches in my schoolbag.
    My brother likes watermelons very much.
    Pears are usually green.
    My neighbor have an apple tree with many apples.
    Monkeys likes to eat bananas.

  13. Every day in school I have a fruit with me.
    In my family we like orange.
    My littelsister loves watermelon.
    I like ice lemonade.
    In my house we have a bowl with apples, pears, bananas and orange.

  14. My apple is green and I like green apples.
    I love watermelon very much.
    I am going to buy a banana on the supermarket .
    Lemon is so sour.
    My peer is green and small.

  15. I love candy whit cherry flavour.
    My favorite fruit it’s a purple fuit.
    Banana it’s yellow, bluebarry it’s blue and I love you.
    In the summer i love to eat watermelon.
    Me and my family has an apple on an appletree.

  16. I love apple soda.
    I hate lemon juice
    Peach are my favorite fruit.
    I have three watermelon in my kitchen .
    My dad eat two pears every day.

  17. PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) is a famous song released in 2016.
    Fruit Ninja is a game about slicing fruit and not slicing bombs.
    Orange could be a fruit or a colour but at least it’s orange.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    Lemon is a sour fruit that you can use as spices or you can just eat it raw.

  18. I love to eat watermelon.
    My cousin have five oranges in de refrigrator.
    Do you have five hundred pineapples?
    I dont like cherries if they are brown.
    I have ten apples in my pocket.

  19. I love watermelon.
    We have five pears.
    I eat a pineapple every morning.
    My littlesister likes grapes.
    My grandmother has a cherry tree.

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