Homework numer seven

I try to eat vegetables every day. It’s very important to get vitamins and minerals.
Asian meatballs with fish sause and lemongrass is delicious!
Currywurst (a sausage) is classic German streetfood.
Yesterday I had Peking duck for lunch.
Chicken contains alot of protein.

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  1. My classmate invites me to dinner.
    Here in Sweden we eat a lot of potatoes but in China they eat a lot of rice.
    My family and i love to eat breakfast at Ikea.
    When we do not have good food at home, i prefer to have pizza.
    All the people must eat food daily to be able to live.
    My mom is coocking the best rice in the world.
    In England you can find fish and chips everywhere.

  2. You must eat breakfast every day.
    Do you want pizza on friday?
    You can find fish in a lake.
    Do you eat dinner every day?
    hamburger is not my favorite food

  3. Today i am going to eat meat for dinner.
    Yesterday we eat pancakes for lunch at school.
    One time i had hair in my food and is was black.
    Yesterday i eat super hard potatoes .

  4. My favourite food is pasta with hamsauce.
    I dont like fish, it tastes bad.
    For dinner we should eat pizza more often.
    Mom says it’s good to eat vegetables.
    Dad is good at cooking chicken.
    I like to eat hamburgers.
    For breakfast I want sandwiches.
    My grandmother is good at making meatballs.

  5. I like Meat and potato gratin. My sister likes that too.
    We often eat lasagne för dinner whit cheese from Italia.
    Our dog loves vegetabiles, specially carots.
    I do not eat sausage, it is no food.
    För breakfast I eat yoghurt. I will try to eat pizza for breakfast some time.

  6. To make a meatloaf you need meat from moose, kow or pig .
    saugsage whit mashed potatoes cucumber tomato and brad are togeder a classic swedich stretfood.

  7. (Whispers: Message to toblun) Well, when I was a young boy, I tried to NOT eat vegetables because i just liked the food.
    Oh, I’m a poor little penguin named Rat, and I should probably try out that heeman pizza food, the heemans says It’s good. (It’s actually spelled ”Human” but it’s the Penguin Rat that talks right now)
    Oh, I just Heard that fish makes me smart! Instead of going to school I’m gonna’ eat fish all day! (2 weeks later) Ooops… I should Think of eating vegetables and drinking water, feels almost like I could die… (1 second later) [Deathsound]
    Dinner? Like the easter egg dinnerbone? Oh yeah, I Think dinner is when you put the table upsidedown.

  8. My favorite breakfast is toast whit butter and cheese.
    I read in the newspapper that if I eat fish I wil bi smart.
    When you make sushi you juse rice.

  9. I hate bratwurst (a german sausage) they are the wurst.
    Vegetables is pretty much an unbelievable diet.
    Potatoes is lacking on energi what happened to the potatoes?
    If I see a big slice off pizza it will disappear in two seconds.
    When I eat Swedish meatballs i often talk Swedish.
    BONUS: Wich country is doing the dishes? Swedish people.

  10. .1. I love hamburger.
    .2. In China you eat a lot of rice.
    .3. Many people like cheese and ham on their pizza.
    .4. You have to eat food to survive.
    .5. I don´t like fish.

  11. I love pizza! Do you like pizza?
    It’s a chicken in my breakfast, aaaaaaa!
    There’s a fish in my sink!
    I don’t like potatoes so much but I like them a little.
    I eat lunch at 11:40 in my school.

  12. Pizza and hamburger is my favorite food.
    I usally eat lunch whit my family.
    It is good to eat vegtables.
    Yesterday i eat chicken and fich.
    To breakfast l eat potatoes.

  13. 1.I like meat with savoury butter and potatoes.
    2.My favorite vegetable is avocado.
    3.I like sausage and macaroni better than sausage and potatoes.
    4.For breakfast, I usually have porridge or sour milk.
    5.My favorite pizza is kebebpizza.

  14. Its very important to eat vegetables to all your meals.
    My favorite food is chickenburger, tacos and many more .
    Albin (my little brother) cant eat the skin on the sausage so he must take it off.
    Breakfast is the most important meal in the day.
    Today we are going to eat food.

  15. I love meatballs because i love meat.
    I don’t like vegetables because its not my thing.
    My favorit food are china food.
    I hate rice pudding i throw up when i eat rice pudding.
    My father drink coffee in the morning

  16. I eat vegetables every day.
    I like sausage with bread .
    On friday I eat tacos.
    My cat likes meatballs.
    Yesterday I eat chicken.
    Rättning på förra

  17. My favourite food is pizza.
    I’m going to eat potatoes and meatballs tomorrow.
    I eat breakfast every morning.
    I dont like fish so much.
    Do you like to eat hamburger?

  18. Every morning i eat yoghurt for breakfast.
    You should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.
    I like too eat pizza, many people like too eat pizza.
    I like too have sallad, dressing and cheese on my hamburger.
    Fish is good food for your body.

  19. Tomorrow I will eat rice and fish.
    My favorite food is pizza and hamburger.
    For lunch I will eat potatoes and meatballs.
    I like meat very much.
    I don’t like vegetables.

  20. My favorite food is hamburger.
    I do not like fish.
    Every day we have lunch at school.
    In the petrol station there are food to eat.
    We have three meals every day and there is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  21. My father eat vegetables every day because he is a vegetarian.
    You can buy a sausage named french hot dog at Circle k.
    I think chicken is nice to eat.
    Meatballs is made of meat witch you can hear on the name.
    I have eaten dinner every day in my life.

  22. 1. I like food very much.
    2. Pizza is my favourite food.
    3. I don’t like vegetables.
    4. Tomorrow I am going to eat sausage.
    5. In love potatoes very much.
    6. Today I am going to eat meat and potatoes.
    7. The first day at Gran Canaria I ate rice.
    8. I don’t like fish that much.
    9. Meatballs is good to eat with ketchup.
    10. I love hamburgers.
    11. My sister like breakfast.
    12. I like to eat dinner.
    13. I am going to eat hamburgers for lunch.

  23. 1. I love to eat hamburger.
    2. I eat dinner every day.
    3. I will have chicken and potatoes for lunch tomorow.
    4. Tomorow i am gonna eat pizza.
    5. Chicken and vegetables is my favorit meal.

  24. With a mortar and pestle you can mix spices, which can be used to spice up your food.
    Hamburgers do NOT contain ham, even though their name is ham burgers.
    Vegans only eat vegetables, no questions asked.
    Don’t eat green potatoes, they are poisonous.
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  25. My favorite breakfast is porridge with milk and strawberry jam.
    My grandfather is allergic to fish.
    Which pizza is your favorite?
    My mother eats more vegetables than I do.
    Do you eat dinner every day?

  26. In the summer our family usually grill meat.
    I eat vegetables every day.
    I usually eat lunch at twelve on weekends.
    On Christmas we usually have meatballs on our Christmas table.
    Max is a hamburger restaurant.

  27. 1. Tomorrow i am going to eat some sausage.
    2. In order to live one has to eat food every day.
    3. My dad invited us to dinner in the china restaurant.
    4. This mounth we are going to have pizza to lunch in school.
    5. Att Scandic hotell i eat pankake to breakfast.
    6. I prefer chicken to fish.
    7. My moms rice kooking is the best in the universe.
    8. Hamburger is cheap to buy. It costs onely ten sek.
    9. Hamburger is made of meat, and i like it.
    10. The most common vegitable you eat with fish is potatoes.

  28. I love potatoes with fish and caviar.
    Do you like pizza on a friday?
    On my moms birthday I ate hamburger from McDonald’s to dinner.
    To breakfast I love to eat bread with baconchees.
    My sister love fries and meat or hamburger.

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