Homework number eight

Can I have a pair of trousers please?
I love my new slim fit jeans!
I need to buy a super warm jacket now when it’s – 40 degrees celcius.
A belt is supposed to keep your pants up, but my belt seems to do the opposite 🙁
My new cap is awesome! Especially now when it’s so sunny.

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  1. If you have shorts on when it’s winter your legs will get super cold.
    It’s good to have shoes when you are outside.
    When you shower you take your clothes off.
    If your feet are Cold, they will get warm if you put on socks.
    If you do not want to get cold when you are outside, you could put on a jacket.

  2. Now, even if I don’t have any friends wich is ridiculus, my friends wear pants/pantaloons in a weird way. Description? At the head…
    What if; I could go to the eleventh dimension and find my best dream ever! :
    Ugly smelly shoes….
    If I could live a bad time as a jacket, I think i would never go to the bed time.
    Podía oler un calcetín muy maloliente en España, no sería tan feliz… / I could smell a really smelly sock in spain, I wouldn’t be that happy…
    I wrote about those clothes now and I just wanted to write in spanish / español at sentence number 4.

  3. I like to wear my grey sweater and my black adidas-trousers.
    I have a cap whit Pittsburgh Penguins logotype.
    My favorite jacket is black.
    Do you like to buy clothes?
    Every day I have shoes on my feet.

  4. .1. Many people use a cap in the summer.
    .2. Usually you wear clothes in the city.
    .3. In the winter you must have a jacket because it is not warm outside.
    .4. Trousers are good to have .
    .5. When you take a bath it is good not to have socks.
    .6. When you work in an office you have a shirt on.
    .7. Adults usually have a belt on to keep their trousers on
    .8. Today I´m going to buy a new sweater.
    .9. Have boggier new shoes.
    .10. In the summer many people wear shorts.

  5. My trousers are blue and black.
    Some crazy people wear a cap in the summer.
    I love my underpants.
    Santa have a red jacket.
    I hate jeans.

  6. My mom has a dark blue jacket.
    In my wardrobe i have all my clothes .
    I have six pair of socks.
    My favourite sweater is camoflash and it has long sleeved.
    I have eleven t shirts.

  7. 1. I have socks on my feet everyday.
    2. My little sister love to have skirts in the summer.
    3. My trousers are black and white and I like them.
    4. What is your favorite sweater in your wardrobe?
    5. In the summer I love to have a cap on my head, otherwise I can sunburn.

  8. I have a Washington Capitals T-shirt.
    I have many clothes in my room.
    My dad have jeans every day.
    I have a Detroit redwings cap.
    I can’t sleep if a have socks.

  9. 1. I have much more then twenty T-shirts.
    2. I dont like to have shorts because I have scares on my knees.
    3. My feet loves to be without socks.
    4. Almost all kinds of clothes is soft.
    5. My favorite dress is black and silver.

  10. My favorit trousers is black and blue.
    I have a green t-shirt with a orange hammer.
    Do you have shoes to day?
    I have clothes everyday.
    I got my socks when I where 3 years old.

  11. My socks are black and pink.
    -Do you wear a belt four your trorsers?
    I have to buy new cap for summer.
    There’s a hole in my jeans.
    My shirt is really, really nice!!!

  12. 1. My Adidas trousers is cool.
    2. Theas socks is yellow.
    3. I love my t-shirt.
    4. I like to wear a cap when its warm.
    5. My shoes are purple and pink.
    6. I have many jeans.
    7. Dads jacket is blue.
    8. Do you have a lot of clothes?
    9.My brother has a black belt.

  13. 1. My clothes are blue and black.
    2. On my t-shirt it says I`m so cute.
    3. I like white jeans but they get dirty so easily.
    4. I have perfect shoes to use outside in the winter.
    5. I usually use a cap in the summer.

  14. My t-shirt is blue and White.
    I have a pair of trousers, they are black.
    How many socks do you have?
    I have around ten skirts.
    My dad has jeans almost all the time.

  15. I wonder if my clothes were in the fifth dimension (trust me there is some crazy science if you google ”the fifth dimension”).
    My cap is backwards so wrong why do you even wear the cap backwards?
    What do you call a belt made of watches? a waist of time
    Did you ever wonder to yourself how socks taste? I have
    What type of shoes did the ninja wear? sneakers

  16. I like to wear my black t-shirt and my blue shorts.
    On a party I like to wear jeans and a shirt.
    At home I like to wear soft clothes.
    In the summer I usally wear a black nike cap.
    In the winter you have to wear warm trousers and sweater.

  17. My mom is going to buy a cap to me.
    My wardrobe is full with clothes.
    It`s time to buy a new warm jacket because is so coold now.
    My jeans is so ladge that i need the Gucci belt to keep them on.
    When is hot and sunny i need to put my cap on.

  18. 1.I have many jeans at home but everyone it`s too small
    2.Oo mom is 30 degrees i need to take my jacket on.
    3.on my birthday my sister ar going to buy a GANT belt to my.
    4.Next week my dad is going to buy a Lyle and Scott cap to my.
    5.I have two polo trousers

  19. 1.I have many jeans at home but everyone it`s too small
    2.Oo mom is 30 degrees i need to take my jacket on.
    3.on my birthday my sister ar going to buy a GANT belt to my.
    4.Next week my dad is going to buy a Lyle and Scott cap to my.
    5.I have two polo trousers

  20. I wear trousers every day.
    I have a cap that my dad bought in Italy.
    I don`t eat with my black jeans or my sweater.
    I don`t wear a belt because it`s not so nice.
    I have a superwarm jacket in winter.

  21. You should have socks, when you are awake.
    Its sweet to have a sweater.
    I always have a cap on my head, when its summer.
    Its good to have many clothes so you can switch.
    When its winter I always have a jacket, so I dont be a ice block.

  22. My mom wants me to get a new jacket, but I don’t want a new.
    Do you like to have an extra pair of socks when it’s cold?
    Thor (god in norse mythology) had a belt that gave him strength.
    A t-shirt is a shirt that has a shape that (kinda) looks like a T.
    Clothes can be made of cloth, can you here the resemblance?

  23. I have more then 10 pair of socks.
    I really love my tight adidas trousers.
    Do you have CheerLeadig CFA clothes?
    My favorite sweater it’s dark blue and it has tips on the shafts.
    I have a black t-shirt that I have at the sport.

  24. I never wear a belt.
    In the winter I wear a jacket when I am out.
    Some people wear a cap In the summer.
    I put on clothes every day.
    My dad wear jeans every day.

  25. My trousers are red and black.
    I have five socks and one sweater.
    My black skirt is missing.
    My mom wears clothes every day.
    On my T-shirt there is a cute rabbit.

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