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  1. Read the rest of this comment!
    I listened to the music ”ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ” while doing this homework.
    (ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ means ”THREE STRIPES” by the way!)
    My cat Boogieman doesn’t know anything about hiding well…
    If you pet someones pet it will maybe think it’s your pet and wants you to pet it.
    (I came up with that.)
    Me: ’clicks on advertisement’
    Me again: ’clicks on another advertisement’
    Me for the third time: ’clicks on an advertisement again, finds an interest’

  2. My favourite sport is fotboll.
    I like dogs and rabbits.
    My piano teachers name is Kaj.
    Filip My big brother likes icehockey and fotboll.
    I have one pet.

  3. 1. My interest is to play football and skiing with my friends.
    2. I can play the piano. l can not play the guitar.
    3. Dog is my favourite pet. It is so cute.
    4. It´s so fun to sing. I sing every day.
    5. I like to read. it´s so fun. because one comes in to another world.
    6. My cousin have a rabbit. It´s name is ”Klöver”

  4. I am very interested by football.
    I have two cats at home.
    My grandfather and grandmother have three dogs.
    I like to do sports.
    I love to play floorball.

  5. I’ve played 4 total sports.
    My interest is………….. Inte resting. (Not resting)
    What does the spider spin? Inte net. (Not a net)
    Sorry that i write in Swedish… I should play more football. AMERICAN football.
    What is a sweating dog? A HOT dog!

  6. In the last week we had a dog at home.
    I play guitar on thursdays.
    sometimes i like to read.
    I play soccer/football both summer and winter.
    I like all type of sports.
    cat´s its cute.
    Thea can play piano.
    Johan Öhman sings good.

  7. 1. My sister likes to read books.
    2. I like to play football in the summer.
    3. It’s fun to play the piano.
    4. My sister would love to have a rabbit.
    5. I really want a pet cat.

  8. I play football on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    Floorball and football are not the same thing.
    On tuesdays I play piano.
    I want a dog or cat, but i have Märta.
    In the morning at shcool I read books.

  9. What do you get if you cross a rabbit with a spider? A hairnet.
    I was on a konsert one time and the guy that singed was called D.J Music is the world.
    I used to have a fear of hurdles(some kind of sport thing that you jump over)
    but I got over it.
    If you read over a thousand books in one minute you would be like Einstein.
    I tried to catch fog yesterday, said a dog
    I Mist

  10. 1. In the summer, I usually play football.
    2. I want a dog, but my mom, daddy and my big brother are allergic to dogs.
    3. There are different kinds of music, for example pop and hip hop.
    4. Many in my class are playing floorball.
    5. In icehockey, you have a lot of protection not to hurt yourself.

  11. My favorite interest is sports.
    I like ice hockey.
    Music is very good for your health.
    I read every morning .
    Football is very fun.

  12. I love to read every morning.
    My grandfather have one pet.
    Are you good at playing icehockey?
    My friend Julia have a dog called Doris.
    I love to listnen to music on my phone.

  13. I long for play football in the summer.
    Melodifestivalen is one of the biggest music contest in Sweden.
    What is your greatest intrest, one of my is animals.
    Are you doing any sports? I do.
    I do not like singing.

  14. I would like a dog but my mother and father said no!
    My class read every day except Thursday.
    Do you like to play floorball?
    Do you have a favourite interest?
    How many sports do you practise?

  15. .1. I´ like pets.
    .2. In 2017 we bought a black dog.
    .3. My sister like to sing.
    .4. Many people like music.
    .5. I don´t like to read.

  16. I like to play football.
    I have a cat.
    My grandemother and grandefother has a dog.
    On evning my mother read too my litlesister.
    – Have you a interest?

  17. I have only been playing football one time.
    Mom and joar want to have a cat, but dad does not.
    If I get a rabbit, I will name it Bingo.
    On thursdays I usally go to grandfather and read.
    Badminton is of great interest to me and I dream about becoming a pro.

  18. I love to play football.
    My friend likes to play te piano.
    I love to read.
    My sister likes to listento music.
    I would like to have a pet, most of all a cat.

  19. My favorite breed of dog’s is Berner Sennen and a little bit of golden.
    My dad love to look at icehockey.
    I like to play football and do gymnastics.
    Do you have a pet in your home?
    Which sport do you play on your speare time?

  20. I love to play floorball and football.
    I like to listen to music.
    My mother likes playing piano.
    Our cousin has a rabbit.
    I have zero pets.

  21. I have one pet, its a cat and her name is Hillfi. She is realy crazy .
    Björklöven are Umeås icehockey team.
    I often play floorball but I dont train floorball in a team.
    I often listen on music when I am at home.
    Its nice to have a pet becuse you must give it food every day!

  22. I like to play football with my friends.
    My best friend have a cute cat.
    My friend is very god icehockey.
    In my school we need to read in the morning.
    Dog is my favorite pet.

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