Homework number twelve

(pet, cat, dog, rabbit, pig, horse, cow, sheep, turtle, parrot, hen and chicken)
When I was a young little girl, my family had three pets – a dog, a cat and a rabbit.
Many years ago, our neighbours had a farm, with cows and pigs.
I´m a little bit afraid of horses – I think they´re huge!
It would be cool to have a talking parrot at home!
I really like ”Skalman” – the turtle in the comic ”Bamse”!
Please, comment by writing your five sentences below:

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  1. Our cousin have hens and a dog.
    A turtle moves very slowly.
    A parrot can have different coulers.
    On a farm you can see a pig, cows and chickens.
    I would like to have a pet.

  2. ”I like turtles”.
    I had ”maximum party” (Party parrots) on while writing this. What a coincidence!
    Easter is over, so why a chicken?
    Also why a hen?
    ”Doge” is a meme with a Shiba (dog species) and some multicolored texts in the ”Comic Sans” font, the texts are in broken English for example ”very wow”.

  3. I have one cat named Bertil and he is two years old.
    In Sweden we do not have any wild turtles.
    I wish I was a parrot and could fly.
    In the movie nalle puh it sounds like the frogs are calling for rabbits
    My mother wishes that she had hens walking around in her yard.

  4. I want to have a rabbit.
    My neighbours have one pet.
    Dog and cat are not good friends.
    Parrot are so beautiful.
    I have ridden a horse three times.

  5. I think turtles are cool.
    I want to have a cat like my pet.
    My neighbour has many sheep.
    You can eat a chicken.
    A parrot is a bird with many colors.

  6. I want too have a turtle.
    My cat is nice.
    Then i wase young I dont liked dogs.
    I now a pig named ”Kewin Bacon”.
    Farmers often have chickens or somthing.

  7. I have a dog her name is Zoe.
    My sisster does not like cats because they have scary eyes.
    I want a horse because they are nice and cute.
    I have a pet and it’s a girl.
    Turtles look fun with their shoulders.

  8. My dream is to have a dog.
    I want to carry a chicken.
    Is it true that a parrot can talk?
    Do you have a favorite pet or animal?
    I like to ride a horse but they are a little bit scary.

  9. I have two cats.
    My grandmother and grandfather has a dog.
    ”Skalman” is a turtle.
    I love rabbits.
    Cows give milk to us.

  10. Turtles likes to eat lettuce.
    Pirates often had a parrot at their shoulder.
    Mamma Mu is a cow who likes to swing.
    What comes first, the hen or the egg?
    A rabbit has long soft ears.
    People say that a cat has nine lives.

  11. I have a pig at home.
    My mom had a dog when she was young.
    I can not do the chicken dace.
    My grandma has a pet at home.
    My dad had a cat, cow and a horse when he was little

  12. I love dogs and cats.
    I have two cats at home.
    I like pigs colour.
    Sheeps spell bääääää!.
    I have 2000 turtles.

  13. I once had a turtle his name was Charlie but i called him Charles.
    What is it called when a cat meows for food when his bowl is half full? FAKE MEWS
    Bill looked at the newspaper: Residents warned to protect fish and hens to avoid…
    What test does a criminal parrot hate? a polygraph

  14. 1. My sister wants a baby pig because she thinks they are so cute.
    2.I want a turtle because they are so small and cute.
    3.Once a rabbit bite me in my finger.
    4.I really want a pet, I’m so lonely.
    5.More than two years ago I had a race with sheep.

  15. My sister likes horses, but I don’t.
    I like when the parrot talks.
    I don’t like the pig when it is muddy.
    I don’t have a pet, but my friend has one.
    The cow is spotted.

  16. I like rabbits because they can jump high or?
    My grandfather’s dog is white and brown!
    My teacher has a horse called turbo!
    In a farmhouse there are usually chickens.
    I like brown cats!

  17. My grandfather has bought a dog, his name is Argos.
    I really love the cartoon Peter rabbit, he is so cute.
    I dont have a hen or chicken at home.
    A pig is pink and big, and he loves to eat everything.
    When the sheep takes a dump, it is very slippery to walk there.

  18. I dont like cat.
    My littlebrother have a pet.
    I like Dog, Hamster and Rabbit.
    Pig and sheep are cute.
    My friend have a horse in a stable.

  19. In a game called ”Slime Rancher” the hens are called hen hen…
    Sea turtles can swim over the antlantic ocean in 11 days.
    When I were like 5 years old, I got to have a red parrot on my shoulder while someone was taking a photo. We still have that photo left.
    There is a song that goes like this: ”Beep beep I’m a sheep, I said beep beep I’m a sheep” and then after a while it goes like ”Meow meow, I’m a cow, I said meow meow I’m a cow”.
    Why are cats and dogs so popular for pets? I mean dogs can be like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF and you will be like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?

  20. If you want a pet, which one would you like?
    One of my dreams is to hold a chicken.
    My class and I went to a farm. They had many cows. One of my favorite cow was called “Inga”.
    Would you like to have a dog or a cat?
    What came first, the hen or the chicken?
    Sorry for being late with my homework


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