Homework number nine

I like to play Counter Strike with warcraft 3 mod. It’s fun to have ten different races to choose from.

Hopefully my children will let me sleep without interruption when they get older.

34 svar på ”Homework number nine”

  1. I took a walk with my mom today. When we went home she walked 10 minutes more.

    I sit down when I do my homework, like now.

  2. I love when others smile, because then I start smiling 🙂

    I love to sleep, but I hate being woken up by the alarmbell early in the morning.

  3. I like to eat potatos because they are delicious.

    One of my favorit things to do in the summer is to jump om the trampolin.

  4. Sometimes, I play with my friends on a game called Roblox. It it really fun to play with people you know.

    On Fridays, I like to eat chips and drink some kind of soda. There is often some left for Saturday and sometimes even for Sunday and Monday.

  5. I like to go to the bathhouse and swim and ride slides.

    It’s fun to sing but I just like singing for my family.

  6. Im happy every day but sometimes i dont really feel well, im not so happy about that beacause i want to be happy when im at school.

    I like to play with my friends, its the game flee the facility, i really like that game but i fake cry sometimes if i get captured. :/

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