Homework number ten

I have many interests, one of them is listening to music. Sometimes when I listen to music I feel like I’m somewhere else.

It is really sad that the playoff in icehockey has ended because of Covid-19

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  1. My interests are riding, voltige and circus but the circus is canceled due to covid-19.

    I have a one year old cat and his name is Tiger.

  2. I have tried many different sports for example floorball and dance. But now I play football, dance hip hop and gymnastic. 🙂

    I like to sing in the shower and when I am alone. 🙂

  3. I love football because its verry fun to play with friend’s and its verry good for our bodys.
    Im intrest to music. Music is like my life, its fun to sing too. One of my friend’s like to sing and when i was going home from her i saw her dance inte hers kitchen.

  4. The good thing about having a neighbour with cats. Is that the cats taking the rats away.

    Futsal got cancelled because off the coronavirus. So after easter holiday we start to play football. Out side.

  5. I usually listen to music when I clean and sometimes I start singing and dancing when there comes a song I like.

    When I read, I feel like I’m in the book world with my cat Stella.

  6. My interest is football. It’s fun to score.

    My sister has a great interest in floorball. She’s won 15-2 once. 🙂


  7. My interest are football and riding. My favourite horse is named Harry and I play football with Ersmarks IK.

    I also play floorball with IBK Dalen. I love floorball because we run a lot.

  8. I love to sing and listen to music! When I listen to music I just start dancing, because it’s so fun and awesome.

    My favourite pet is dogs and I would like to have a dog, but my mom and dad say no. When I get older I am gonna by one.

  9. I used to have many pets, they were fishes, but now we only have one, a dog named Kero. Since we now had a dog we got rid of the fishes. Otherwise he would probably eat them.

    In my free time I don´t play a sport. I have theater on Fridays and scouts on Thursdays instead.

  10. I have three pets. Two cats and a hamster. One of the cats is called Tiger and the other cat is Ozzy and my hamster is called Findus.

    In the summertime I play football and in the wintertime I go dancing. I love to dance and to play football.

  11. My interests are riding and horses. My favourite horse is named Johney.

    I have four pets, three hens and one cat. Before I also had three hamsters whith name Speedy, Twister and Vanilj. My cats name is Tuss and my hens names are Holly, Hilma and Gullet.

  12. I play football in the summer. I’m a goalkeeper.
    It’s a lot of fun!

    On Thursdays I sing in a choir. In three weeks we are going to make a musical.

  13. My favorite sports are football, floorball and table tennis.

    If I have to choose between a dog or a cat as a pet, I choose a dog.

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