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  1. I like animals especially elk because they are stately
    and big. I like to eat elk. Did you know that an elk cow can weigh about 270 to 360 kg and for a male elk about 380 to 540 kg.

    When I was a kid, my family and I went to a place where they had birds. I walked into a room (which had no door but there were chains hanging instead) before I even had entered into the room, a bird pooped on my head. (:

  2. I saw a big snake the last week, it was scary to se it.

    I like bears, they are so cute!

    Btw have a good holiday guys!

  3. I saw a really big snake in my gaurden last week.

    I really like bears beacause they are so cute!

    Btw have a good holiday !

  4. On tiktok I saw a bear fighting with a human at first i thought it was real but then I realized it was fake.

    I’ve haven’t seen a lion in real life. But I would like to go to zoo.

  5. Yesterday when I was taking a walk in the forest I saw a fox.

    My favorite animal is a monkey because they ar so cute and so funny.

  6. I don’t like snakes because they are disgusting and have no legs.

    I like wolves because fom is nice and related to the dog and I like dogs.

  7. I love animals becuse they are so cute and cosy. My favorite animal is cat.

    When I was at the zoo I saw an elephant and a giraffe. The giraffe had a blue tongue.
    /Emma V

  8. I haven’t seen an elephant or a lion in real life only on television.

    Now in springtime, all the birds are singing all day long.

  9. One time my family was at a zoo and my brother Pelle got to hold a snake that was also called Pelle.

    Another time, when I was a baby, my parents were at a zoo, I don´t know if my siblings were there or not. Anyways as i was saying, my parents were at a zoo, and there was this monkey that threw poop at my father.

  10. I love animals but I have never had an animal.

    I love monkeys because both I and the monkeys enjoy climbing.

    1. I´ve met a wolf, the wolf was beautiful but it was scary at the same time because they are dangerous.

      In the summer it usually stays an elk with two calves on our backyard. (:

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