Reuse more

Your small clothes can be a toy to a cat.

Did you know that if your dog lives his whole life it will cost you about

150 000-250 000 sek!

You need to buy food and toys sometimes and you need to buy a dog cage.

If you recycle maybe if you leave some food you can give it to the dog and maybe you can make toys from old clothes. A dog cage will cost you around 2000-3000 sek.

You can find things a lot cheaper on market places or maybe second hand stores. A dog cage will cost you 2000-3000 sek but if you buy it second hand it will maybe cost 500 sek.   

So if you recycle maybe it will cost around 100 000 sek instead of 200 000 sek you will do an favour too yourself and our planet.

♡Food Make a Big Difference♡

♥Someone in Africa die right now because of the lack of food! You throw away too much food, that food you throw away can safe life’s!

Childs in Afrika!

1 Too much rubbish  
Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill! It’s enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. The government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $ 20 billion each year!

2 Starvation and obesity.
3,1 million people die because they have nothing to eat. At the same time 42 million people under five years old are fat or overweight.

3.       France as a role model!
France are thinking about to forbidden supermarkets and restaurants to trash food.

France flag!

Australian dont recycling and 3,1 people die because they have no food. They put all the rubbish including the food in large piles and then hide them! They would start making decisions like France, for example, prohibit restaurants and supermarkets from throwing food!

Do you think Australia should start recycling again?

Is it possible to play soccer with all items recycled?

Ah, soccer… Everyone loves soccer, right?

Well with everything recycled you can play your favorite sport while making the world a better place!

In this post, we will check if everything (Literally everything from the sport soccer) is possible to make out of recycled plastic and more.

The Clothes, are they recyclable?

Well many clothes are recyclable  maybe just Soccer clothes aren’t? Well let’s check. Obviously the shirts are recyclable. Shorts and socks are actually possibly made out of plastic and beans.

Soccer Equipment, are those recyclable?

Let’s start off with the obvious equipment that you need. Shoes. The soccer shoes. Well those shoes are actually possibly made out of plastic bottles and again; beans. Shin Guards are really needy if you don’t want to hurt yourself. Shin guards are also recyclable but is made of plastic and coke cans. Goalkeeper gloves are in the needs of only some players but can really be HANDY for goalkeepers (Get it?) but are also recyclable.

Soccer Ground and more, is it recyclable?

Well you have to have something to play soccer on. The soccer ground is really important. The grass is honestly really important aswell but real grass is obviously not recyclable. But artificial grass is made out of plastic so that is indeed recyclable.

The soccer ball itself is very important for the sport and since some soccer balls are made out of plastic, it sure is recyclable. Recycled Corner flags and Offside flags are also recyclable since the most of them are made out of paper.

So we are at the end of this cucumber soup story. We have found out that, it sure is possible to play soccer fully kitted with recycled items! But just a last question.

Would YOU rather play soccer with or without recycled items?

Reuse the rubber balls

You don´t know what you can do with the rubber balls from artificial soccerfields, do you?

What are rubber balls?

Rubber balls are small balls from artificial soccer fields. The most of the rubber balls are made of old tyres.

Applications of rubber

Rubber can be used for rubber bands, water hoses, hockey pucks and rubber gloves.

You can reuse rubber for this

  • Rubber mats for the playground
  • Hockey pucks
  • New artificial soccerfields

We need to care about the environment more so we have to start reuse the rubber balls now!

Do you have any ideas what we can do of the rubber balls? Tell us!

The new best Uniforms in the world

This new uniform are the best uniform  you will ever test. This uniform do you better on all sports in the school. The sports is: Football, ice hockey, tennis and basketball. And that uniform make you clever in the classroom. They come in many different colors:

  • Blue   
  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  •  Purple
  • Yellow

Boy and girl uniform

In the boy uniform you get t-shirt and shorts and in the girl uniform you get skirt and t-shirt or dress. This uniform are from 6 years old to 15 years old
So this uniform are a sport uniform and it is available in many different colors. It is in girl and boy uniforms.

Would you like these uniforms?