Homework number thirteen

(live, country, city, house, apartment, room, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, garden, garage)
I live in the country Sweden.
In 1996 my husband and I bought a house in Umeå.
Before I bought the house I lived in an apartment.
My first apartment had no kitchen – only a kitchenette.
I really like to be in my garden, especially in the spring when the days get warmer.

Homework number twelve

(pet, cat, dog, rabbit, pig, horse, cow, sheep, turtle, parrot, hen and chicken)
When I was a young little girl, my family had three pets – a dog, a cat and a rabbit.
Many years ago, our neighbours had a farm, with cows and pigs.
I´m a little bit afraid of horses – I think they´re huge!
It would be cool to have a talking parrot at home!
I really like ”Skalman” – the turtle in the comic ”Bamse”!
Please, comment by writing your five sentences below:

Homework number eleven

(Words week 16-17: animal, wolf, bear, fox, rabbit, elk, lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, bird, snake)
Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?
Have you ever seen an elephant in the wild?
Sometimes, I wish I was a giraffe.
A few weeks ago, I saw 4 elks walking on a frozen lake.
I don´t like snakes.